Adopted in January 2005, ECOWAP is the ECOWAS agricultural policy. This regional policy constitutes a major reference in the implementation of the agricultural component of NEPAD in West Africa, ECOWAP / CAADP. ECOWAP is the bedrock of the massive transformation of West African agriculture by 2025, notably because of the preponderant role of women in production and agro-silvopastoral and fisheries value chains and issues related to the employment issue. young people in a context of unemployment and illegal emigration.

The creation of the ARAA in 2011 and its official launch in September 2013 is part of the operationalization of this regional agricultural policy. In addition to strengthening the capacities of the organs of the ECOWAS Commission, particularly the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources, the Summit of Heads of State and Government, on the proposal of the Council of Ministers, decided to set up a specialized technical structure delegated to manage ECOWAP projects and programs by Regulation C / REG.1 / 08/11.

The legal status of ARAA corresponds to that of all the specialized agencies of ECOWAS. It is a technical structure specialized in the agricultural field in the broad sense and in charge of the execution of a certain number of missions relating to the implementation of the agricultural policy of ECOWAS.


Oxfam Intermon (established in 1956) is one of the 20 affiliated organizations of the Oxfam International Confederation ( that works with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. Oxfam works with women and men in situation of vulnerability to end the injustices that cause poverty. Since 2011, Oxfam has participated in the ECOWAS Task Force for the Regional Food Security Reserve (RFSR) and work within the framework of its programs with several cereal producers of local food stocks.



Afrique Verte Internationale (AVI) is an organization intervening in West Africa; it brings together five national associations: AcSSA Afrique Verte Niger, AMASSA Afrique Verte Mali, APROSSA Afrique Verte Burkina, AGUISSA Afrique Verte Guinée and Afrique Verte in France; all associations share at the national and regional levels the same methodological approach to supporting producer organizations to strengthen their marketing and market access capacities.

Inter Réseaux

Inter-réseaux Rural Development (established in 1980, is a multi-stakeholder network of institutions and individuals engaged in rural development in the South, and distributed mainly in West and Central Africa as well as in Europe. With more than 10,000 members and subscribers, Inter-Réseaux’s mission is to facilitate access to information, dialogue and debate, and the valorization of reflections and experiences, on various themes (agricultural policies, livestock farming). and pastoralism, sector organizations, agricultural advice …).

Jade Productions

Jade Productions is a professional civil society, founded in 2001 by media men and women, initiators in 1994 of the network of journalists in Africa for development. She has been a member of the Maison de l’Entreprise since September 8, 2011. Jade Productions has successfully completed several mandates in support of communication consulting for the benefit of professional agricultural organizations, state services, sub-regional organizations in the West African or international, cooperations, press companies, etc.