October 2018: RAAF’s new call for tenders for the Regional Food Security Reserve (RRSA)

The international call for tenders launched by the RAAF on October 18th for the acquisition and delivery to Mali of 756 tons of cereals for the use of RFSR. The quantities – and cereals – concerned are as follows:

  • – White maize= 151.2 metric tons
  • – White sorghum=  189 metric tons
  • – Millet= 189 metric tons
  • – White rice= 226.8 metric tons

Bids must include transportation costs towards Mali (Sikasso, Koutiala, Ségou) and a bid security to equivalent to 1% of the bid offer.

A 15% margin of preference will be given to cereals offers from the region (ECOWAS countries).

The deadline for submitting applications to the RAAF is December 17th 2018, at 15.00 GMT.

You can download the full document here. Link

For more information, visit the RAAF website. Link