Training Burkina Faso UPPRS


On 19, 20 and 21 September 2018 was held in the meeting room of the Regional Agricultural Center (CRA) the capacity building workshop in administrative, financial and accounting management with the storekeepers of the Union of Rice Producers of Sanmatenga ( UPPRS) and the project manager of the provincial union. 13 people took part in this capacity building workshop.


A total of 13 participants

2 women
11 men from SAA

Objectives of the workshop

  • Make a diagnosis on the administrative and financial management of the organization and the existing management tools of the UPPRS;
  • Implement with a participatory approach an accounting system in accordance with the activities of the organization, the standards of the RFSA and the OHADA law;
  • To propose simple management tools adapted to the accounting, administrative and financial management of their organization

Structure of the activities carried out:

First day:
  • A work group on the importance of administrative, financial and accounting management (AFC) for farmers’ organizations in particular was made.
  • Analysis of the state of AFC management at the level of the Union Union of Rice Producers of Sanmatenga (UDPRS) and Provincial (UPPRS). Management tools at central level are more advanced than those used at unions.
  • A SWOT analysis was also processed by union.
Second day:

The second day of the workshop began with the introduction of management tools. In work groups, the UDPRS highlighted the tools available to them as well as the UPPRS.

  • Statistics.
  • The balance sheet for each union.
  • The operating account.
  • The financial plan.
  • The treasury budget.
Third day:

1.  The last day of the workshop was dedicated tool management at different levels. First at the level of each union, then at the level of the region so as to have reliable, fluent and easy to communicate information to the partners and thus the effective response to the calls for ARAA RAAF proposals.

2.  An overview of the conditions of the ARAA RAAF calls was made by the consultant.

3.  A participant’s notebook was given to each participant.

Evaluation of the workshop:

The workshop was conducted in good conditions with active participation of the participants. The workshop was conducted in French and in the local language to ensure understanding and facilitate participation.


The consultant made proposals for a system that could facilitate accounting management instead of what already exists (paper management at union level, lack of synchronization at the central level, etc.). This is software, dashboard, reporting, external management that could be done through an external research office.

The main reflections focused on:
  • Participants welcomed the initiative and believe that the need was there;
  • Training in the local language will increase understanding and ownership;
  • The wish to extend this workshop to other members of the unions;
  • Participants wanted renewed support to further strengthen their capacity.